Establishment of a company in the Netherlands


Before establishing a company in the Netherlands, the benefits of local taxation must be examined by planning a tax that also includes tax effects on existing companies and / or future companies in other countries.

The marginal corporate tax rate currently used in the Netherlands (2020) is 16.5% (compared with 23% in Israel in 2020)

The GDP per capita in the Netherlands, as of 2019, is $ 55,041. 21st in the world.

For the distribution of dividends, there is a tax deduction instead of 15% for an individual and 5% in the case of a company. There is no stamp duty on allotment of shares. The Netherlands has signed art agreements with more than 100 countries, which allows some of the countries of origin to be exempt from the dividend tax even for companies that do not receive a “participation exemption”.

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Odelia Geva

Odelia Geva

The company's founder, is an expert in Dutch taxation and accounting, with experience in international companies and Dutch regulation since 2008. For more details on Odelia Geva and the company, click here

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